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Girl Guides of Canada is an organization for girls and women in Canada, with  Members from coast to coast to coast. Guiding is bold, fun, energetic and empowers girls and women to face challenges with confidence.

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Sparks: Ages 5 & 6

A place for young girls to learn about themselves and others through games, crafts and songs.


Brownies: Ages 7 & 8 Brownie Sleep-overBrownie Sleep-over

An experience-based program where girls try new things, be active and practice the concepts of friendship, cooperation and helping others.


Guides: Ages 9 - 11

An objective-based program where girls are challenged to explore their own interests and understand the world around them.


Pathfinders: Ages 12-14

A place where girls are presented with the opportunity to learn useful new skills and make a difference in the community.

 Yellow Fish ProjectYellow Fish Project

Rangers: Ages 15 - 17
A program focusing on independence and adventure where young women decide upon a program based upon their interests.
TREX: Ages 12 - 17

A active program that opens avenues of adventure and challenge to young women who want to focus on outdoor skills.


Adults:  Ages 18+
An opportunity for women to continue learning new skills, meeting new people and making a difference  in their community. There are many ways women can  be involved with Guiding. They include Link, Trefoil Guild, Members at Large and working with a unit.


Link: Ages: 18 - 29

Link is a great way for young women to continue their involvement in Guiding that is  flexable and suits their interests, skills and schedule.


Trefoil Guild: Ages 30+

For Guiders either active or retired who are 30 years old and over who wish to maintain a contact and association with Girl Guides.